CardLords Tokens are 100% custom drawn and professionally printed cards used to represent tokens in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.  Our goal is to create custom, high quality token cards that players can be proud to use.

We have now partnered up with Warcraft Gaming Center for sales and distribution of our tokens so if you'd like to purchase some of your own, head on over to their site and pick 'em up!  Tokens are $1 per across the board!

New tokens available to order!

It took a bit to get situated with GenCon and all, but the new tokens (Beast Mastery and Blood Parasite) are available to order from Warcraft Gaming Center!

Four new tokens available this week!

Beast Mastery and Blood Parasite:

RhinoDevilsaurChimaera      Bloodworm

EUCC Event Pickup Available

All of the CardLords Tokens will be available to pick up in person at the European Continental Championship this weekend! Look for them at the Warcraft Gaming Center Booth.

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