CardLords is a game design and publishing company with an emphasis on player interaction and high quality artwork.



Game Submission

CardLords is actively seeking submissions from game designers that will fit into our overarching theme.

We are looking primarily for creative card games and compact, innovative board games that are fun and contain at least basic levels of player interaction. Our brand focuses on easy to learn, easy to play games that take around 15 to 30 minutes on average. Games should be family friendly and rules should be easy enough for non-gamers to pick up and understand.

To submit a game, visit our Contact Us page and send us a message.  You should include:

  • Why you think your game would be a good fit as a CardLords title
  • Basic details of your game (name, player count, time to play, age limits, etc.)
  • A short description highlighting the key points of your game (theme, story, gameplay, what it’s similar to, etc.)

We don’t expect games to come ready to produce with artwork and everything included, but we do expect a tested, thought out idea.  If you are including artwork with your game, please note that the artwork must be your own.  If your artwork is simply there to show placeholder art, that’s perfectly fine.