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BattleGoats Back Story

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One day in the land of Goatopia, a group of unknown heroes appeared through a blinding flash in the sky. They wore fancy armor and wielded powerful weapons. The Goatopians looked on as the outsiders clashed in battle with each other. These beings were at war, and they had brought the fight to the peaceful world of Goatopia. As the battles waged on, the Goatopians began to take sides and fight with the heroes. Striving for an end to the war, they became Battle Goats!

Goatopia is a magical, timeless land. Technology has far surpassed that of Earth’s however the Goatopians did not let it consume them. They found peace in a timeless era where anything goes. One day some might travel to distant planets, the next they could be foraging in the woods or digging a well by hand. There are many uncharted areas throughout the world, with only a small portion inhabited.

During the course of their history, they have learned about the humans and some of our cultures and customs, and some have even adopted our styles into their lives. It is not uncommon to see a Goatopian dressed in something a human would have once worn.

 Archer Goat copy  Royal Guard Goat copy  Chef Goat copy
 Desperado Goat copy  Samurai Goat copy  Engineer Goat copy
They came from all walks of life to join the battle.

The Goatopians are also a crafty race, able to make anything they set their minds to. Some of those creations will be used in the battles with the heroes; many of them similar to what we’ve used on earth.

 Glass Cannon copy  Pig-a-Pult copy  Zeppelin copy
 Amazing Equipment found throughout the lands.
Goatopia is also a mystical land, filled with ethereal creatures with unknown origins. Some think they came through a form of portal, similar to how the humans arrived, but that is unclear.
 Flying Bear copy  Lava Toad copy  Venom Slinger copy
Mysterious Creatures found in Goatopia.

What other beings inhabit the world of Goatopia? Only time will tell…