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BattleGoats Reviews & Feedback:

General Reviews

“BattleGoats is a fantastic game!” – Forrest Bower, Bower’s Game Corner (video review)
“[BattleGoats] is a game that families will really, really enjoy!” – Ryan Gutowski, One Board Family (video review)
“This game was a hit with my family!  I am giving BattleGoats 9 out of 10 super kid and adult meeples.” – Dane Trimble,

Protospiel San Jose, California

“I like the memory elements – its a grown up version of the memory kid’s game which I haven’t seen before.” – Anonymous Tester
“It was fun. A good tactical game that was easy to catch on to.” – Anonymous Tester
“I like the fast play and the spatial element.” – Anonymous Tester
“Awesome. Super fun! Looking forward to the Kickstarter. WooHooo!” – Anonymous Tester

“It’s a unique experience, and it’s just an all around great game for anyone. 9/10” – Joseph Nicholas, Indie Tabletop

Gem State Gaming Convention, Boise, Idaho

“Strategically deep for a simple game!” – Anonymous Tester
“Interesting and fun, player leveled, but bluffs and such keep it light and fun.” – Anonymous Tester
“I like the different creative abilities; plus, they’re goats!” – Anonymous Tester

“This game seems like a pretty fun, family-friendly game” – Jessica Fisher, Gameosity

Penny Arcade Expo(PAX) East, Boston, Massachusetts

“Very fun and it is great pricing! I really like how creative you can be with the cards.” – Anonymous Tester
“Great game. I like that there is no long time build up, just a game that sets up fast and is fun.” – Anonymous Tester
“Great game play with a large group.” – Anonymous Tester

“BattleGoats was one of the top 7 attractions during PAX East 2016” – Comic Plug

Geek Giving Back – International Tabletop Day, Sparks, Nevada

“Good number of people can play. Fast paced and is simple to learn!” – Anonymous Tester
“Art is awesome. Very accessible. Great game!” – Anonymous Tester